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5th International Conference on Scalable Information Systems

September 25–26, 2014 | Seoul, South Korea

Getting to Seoul

The Korean peninsula stretches southward from the center of the Northeastern coast of Asia, encompassing a land area of approximately 220,000 Km2 with some 3,400 islands dotting its coastline. Korea is currently the only nation in the world that is still divided into two different political entities. South Korea has a population of 50 million, of which about 10 million live in the capital, Seoul.

Over their 5,000-year history, Koreans have achieved an indigenous culture, and their unique cultural properties can be found throughout the peninsula. Koreans have put a high value on learning and have earned a reputation for diligence and dedication.

How to get to The-K Seoul Hotel

Address: The-K Seoul hotel

70, Baumoe-ro 12-gil, Seocho-gu, Seoul, Korea

Telephone number: +82-2-571-8100

Travel guides:

Airport Bus

6009 Limousine Bus

Board: Incheon Air port 1st floor 5A, 11B stop  
Get off: Yangjae Station Exit 5 (opposite of Hilstate Gallery)  
Time of Travel: Approx. 70 minutes  
Costs (Fare): Adult \15,000; Children \11,000(6~12ages)  
Time interval: (15~25 minutes)  
To Airport: 04:05 ~ 21:00  
To the City: 05:20 ~ 23:05  

Bus stop

By Taxi

Estimated Fare: 70,000~80,000 Won

Time of Travel: Approx. 60 minutes

Local travel

By Subway:

Exit 9 Yangjae station

1) Walk 2minutes to Seocho community center front - Shuttle - Hotel

2) City bus stop number 08 (10 minutes) - Hotel

New Bundang line Yangjae Citizen Forest(Maehun) Station

① Cross the Crosswalk - shuttle bus - Hotel Exit 5

② Walk towards YoonBongGil Doctor Memmorial Hall for 7 minutes - Hotel

By Bus:

Main line (Blue) : 140, 470, 471, 408, 462, 641

Branch line (Green) : 3412, 4426, 4432, 4433

Broad (Red) : 3409, 6800, 9503, 9711

City Bus : Seocho 08

By Car:

Gangnam : From Yangjae intersection, Bundang/Sungnam direction go straight for 2 km and turn right at the YoonBongGil Memmorial Hall

Bundang : From Yangjae IC, keep Emart on the right towards Gwachun and go straight for about 2~3 minutes

Sadang : WoomyunDong road next to Seocho IC entrance, go straight for 7~8 minutes